The Tools of Emotional Intelligence for the Optimist

As was mentioned in yesterday's blog, there are a ton of benefits to developing one's emotional intelligence. Here are the various tools of emotional intelligence as outlined by Daniel Goleman in his book Emotional Intelligence:

~recognizing one's feelings and understanding how they guide one in minimizing interpersonal conflicts. Ask: How am I feeling? Why am I feeling this?

~Optimists have expectations to succeed and are driven to set goals-- when one succeeds, there is positive expectation and motivation to succeed again. Visualizing the achieving of a goal is a method that many self-motivated persons thrive at. You might want to watch this video again where Veronica De Andres instructs the medical student to visualize his success.

~Optimists are served well when learning to reframe disappointing or frustrating situations and to see the positive in the situation. Managing disruptive emotions (fear, extreme anxiety, etc.) ensures a continued harmony with others, important to optimists.

~Optimists are often eager to develop the skill of understanding how a person is feeling without necessarily having experienced their situation themselves. Empathy is a significant and key social skill and comes out of the skill of self-awareness. Empathy nurtures trust, the basis for all healthy relationships.

Go here to take a FREE Emotional Intelligence test on-line. This will give you some idea of what skills you already have and which ones you will benefit in developing so as to become more optimistic and confident.

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