Optimists and an Attitude of Abundance

Abundance could be described as being satisfied with what you have while being able to strongly envision what you desire. If you have an attitude of abundance you believe that there are more than enough resources to go around-- this can be a tough concept to deal with in this time of economic upheaval that we are all exposed to.

You are likely familiar with the idea of the "Dream Board" or the "Abundance Collage". Next to my computer I have a dream board that is made up of images of what I hope to see manifest over my life: pictures of two women on scales, one plump, one slender (and I have the statement beside this: "I choose to weigh a HEALTHY, youthful, sexy, agile, slender, delightful 130# by July 30, 2110" and "Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels". I also have a picture of a man and woman screaming around on bikes with huge smiles on their faces, a picture of a woman doing Yoga, a medieval-looking street in an English village, a couple walking with their dog that is captioned "Learn new ways to have fun", and another picture of a rag-to-riches fellow with the headline: "Never quit, and will conquer". As well I have statements that read: "I believe in Jesus and Jesus believes in me", "Your wealth can last for Generations", "Keep doing what you Love" and "Financial Freedom and Stability" in a long green strip along the bottom of my board. At some near future time I will take some time to assess whether I want to expand on the current board. You can try something like this as well if you like.

1. Find a relaxing place to start your project, perhaps with music and soft lighting or candles, and maybe with a pot of herbal tea.
2.Take a stack of magazines and tear out pages that contain images and statements that you appreciate now or would like to have in your life. (I collect magazines over the course of the year that have great images and inspiring stories-- seniors magazines do that for me... my local library sells their overflow magazines for 20 cents. I also like seed catalogs)
3. Put your collage somewhere where you will see it often. Take a couple of minutes to enjoy what you already have each time you look at your collage.

-Over the next couple of days I will provide a couple of other ideas for harnessing abundance that you may not have considered. Stay tuned!
With gratitude, I base this blog on the book "Learn to be an Optimist: A Practical Guide to Achieving Happiness" by Lucy MacDonald, a Quebec-based motivational speaker with an academic background in psychology and counseling.

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