The Optimist and the Health Diary

Wow, how many times have you gone to your health care professional and when s/he asks "when did you first notice...?" you really have to double-guess yourself?  Or you move to a new community and have to do your health history all over again with someone new... would it not be nice to have a small health diary you could consult?  A place where you mentioned the first time you were alarmed with ______ and what it looked like and what you tried to alleviate the symptoms and what the effects of that were?  You guessed it-- keeping a health diary, particularly if you have a chronic condition, such as Crohn's Disease, is a smart way of taking charge of your health.
With gratitude, I base this blog on the book "Learn to be an Optimist: A Practical Guide to Achieving Happiness" by Lucy MacDonald, a Quebec-based motivational speaker with an academic background in psychology and counseling.

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