Optimism and Taking Control of your Own Health

Back in the 70s I recall reading a book called The People's Pharmacy where I was told that there were things I could do to take charge of my own health-- that I didn't need to run to a doctor when I  didn't know what was going on.  Man, I gobbled all those self-help books up.

In later years, I began to look at several alternative models of self-care... and I believe that I have at the very least met at least one person who has tried something of everything out there : )

Optimists are more apt to look into health issues early (maybe just by researching them on the Internet), follow through on the advice of their respected health care provider, and eat healthy and exercise.  The pessimist is more apt to take a fatalistic attitude-- "everybody is going to die sometime-- I could quit smoking and then step out onto the street and be hit by a truck!"

With gratitude, I base this blog on the book "Learn to be an Optimist: A Practical Guide to Achieving Happiness" by Lucy MacDonald, a Quebec-based motivational speaker with an academic background in psychology and counseling.

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