The More Optimists Succeed, the More They Succeed

Isnt't that just fascinating?  The traits of an optimist can be distinguished just by how they handle events-- good or bad-- in their lives-- the optimist takes credit for the good events (like the Dad who refers to his child as "my son" only when the child accomplishes something he values) and look at bad events as being one-offs, and certainly not within their control or not their responsibility.  Optimists have a strong sense of being in charge of their lives.  They are less likely to develop depression.  They believe they have whatever it takes to succeed, they set goals, and they expect to succeed.  If something doesn't work out, they reassess and either try again or shrug it off as something not meant to be (but not in a pessimistic, disappointed way-- more like, ah well... next!!)

The more success that confident, optimistic people experience, the more optimistic and confident they become, and the more likely they will succeed at whatever it is they try.

Optimists generally enjoy dealing with people and because they are attracted to involvement in so many activities, they will always be in contact with lots of people.  They also have a well-developed sense of emotional control and aren't likely to "fly off the handle", insult people, stage little drama events just for their own aggrandizement, or whine about the weather.  Optimists are usually friendly with good emotional "boundaries."

Perhaps because I grew up on this side of the border, I haven't before seen the "inspiring" Disney cartoon starring Lucky Rabbit... genius!  If people can be more optimistic as individuals, as a group, as a country, then success and happiness will flourish, right?

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