How Can I Stop Seeing The Glass As Half-Empty?

In winter, when the trees are bare,
And frost flies in the biting air,
He hears the echoes, far away,
Of songs the birds will sing in May;
To him is borne, in wintry hours,
The redolence of sleeping flowers--
The optimist.
~J.H. Lowe
This is a new year and a new decade-- it seems like the perfect time to take a look at what goes into being a lifelong uplifted and uplifting being on this planet. Yes, oh yes, the books are all out there that tell you that if you practice using affirmations on a daily basis (and I believe in that) you will be irrepressibly joyous and attractive. But that doesn't work all the time, and certainly not very often for truly skeptical people.  So, in brief, if you are a skeptic who truly desires to be a sunny-natured Optimist, there will be more steps in the process.  Let's track those steps together, shall we?  I'll be your Coach....

.... your Coach, and a participant in building my own process of becoming an eternal optimist.  I admit it-- I am a fairly skeptical person at times myself.  I sometimes see the glass as half-full... I sometimes lose courage and sink back into doing things that I don't appreciate, saying things that are downright nasty, and tossing off years of hard-won serenity for days of doom and gloom and curmudgeonly carping.

Like you, I have a vast group of role models to draw optimistism inspiration from: people alive and dead, famous and in my own family, on the internet, in books, and down the street.  Let's spend the next year together a few times a month at least, just checking out where we are on the Optimism Path-- go ahead and follow me on this blog-- we'll share bread on the journey-- there won't be anything too strenuous or arduous or guilt-inducing (puh-leez, I have about 20+ other blogs that demand my attention-- I am not looking for a tyrrant-slave relationship).  I'll provide information and the odd joke, encouragement and links.  If you could provide the odd comment (maybe along the same lines) I would be most encouraged as well!

So here we go!
Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.  ~Norman Vincent Peale 

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